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Step into the world of star-guided meditation and awaken the mindful knowledge of your soul. Uncover your authentic essence and understand your life’s purpose with the modern astrological teachings of Mercedes.

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Unlock the secrets of the stars with easy-to-understand astrological techniques that Mercedes has perfected over the years and developed her own method—The Astral Method


Mercedes teaches practical strategies, clear action steps, and astrology knowledge to help her community reach their goals faster than they could ever imagine.

Astral Community

Connect with other star-seekers in Mercedes' exclusive online community.


Connect with the Divine Wisdom of the Stars

By joining The Astral Method’s exclusive astrology community, you’ll have access to Mercedes insights, readings, horoscopes, guided meditations, and a supportive and inclusive community—all of which can help you navigate your life with greater clarity and purpose. So, if you’re interested in astrology and are looking for a supportive community, then be a part of it!


The Astral Method

Conference, Workshops & Events worldwide worldwide

Engage yourself in knowledge-filled workshops and conferences that immerse attendees in the cosmic wisdom of astrology and understanding the power of metaphysical knowledge.

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8:00 Am - 9:00 AM

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Jesus Holland

Host & Speaker

9:00 Am - 10:00 AM

Greetings Event

Greetings and Opening Event

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Ricky Malone


10:00 Am - 10:30 AM

Break and Coffee

Tea and Coffee Break

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Ricky Malone


10:30 Am - 11:30 AM

Digital Workshop

Digital Marketing Workshop

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Nelly Bell



The Astral Method

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Create Positive Change

Transform your life from the inside out and manifest your goals with the knowledge of astrology

Astral Chart Reading

The astral chart is your map in this lifetime. It is set by the planetary placements in the solar system, seen from the point of view of the place you were born on Earth.

Solar Return Reading

Studying your solar return or solar revolution will help us understand the astral chart of that year in our lives, and how to take advantage of the available energy for us.

mercedes coaching

Session with Mercedes for guidance and to respond to your questions.

Couple 's Synastry Reading

In this session we will work with the astral chart of 2 people, as well as their composite chart (the union of both of their charts).

Astro Cartography Reading

Discover how your energy feels around the planet and which places are better for you to visit to work on specific areas of your life.

Akashic Records Reading

In this session, we will connect with the person's soul's memory to respond to the questions they bring to the session, with the assistance of the person's guides and channel.


About Me

Mercedes Arnús Arraut The Astral Method    The Astral Method   

Mercedes Arnús Arraut, was born in a very spiritual family, where she was taught meditation and intuition development from a very young age. Close to turning 15, she became peculiarly obsessed with learning astrology, starting her studies as an astrologer that same year. At the age of 17, Mercedes graduated with honors in her presentation about Astrology and interpretation of astral charts of her tutors. Since then, Mercedes has been widening and deepening her knowledge in astrology, as well as reading astral charts from people all over the world in English and Spanish. At the age of 26, Mercedes founded The Astral Method, to start teaching the knowledge of the stars as an everyday tool, linking it to meditation and consciousness awakening. Since then, Mercedes has been teaching workshops and conferences online, to reach the most people with her messages and wisdom about consciousness awakening on Earth and her major tool: Astrology.

Mercedes Arnus Arraut Astrologa The Astral Method


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“We’re creative gods coming to experience a
certain astrological pattern and use it as a map.
It is within our power to find the key to unleash
the infinite potential behind that specific pattern.”

Mercedes Arnús Arraut


Our News & Articles

Our News & Articles Articles

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La astrología es una gran herramienta para nuestras vidas, nos ayuda a conocer y entender los patrones que venimos a trabajar en esta vida.