The Astral Method

Mercedes Arnús Arraut


The Astral Method

Mercedes Arnús Arraut, was born in a very spiritual family, where she was taught meditation and intuition development from a very young age. Close to turning 15, she became peculiarly obsessed with learning astrology, starting her studies as an astrologer that same year. At the age of 17, Mercedes graduated with honors in her presentation about Astrology and interpretation of astral charts of her tutors. Since then, Mercedes has been widening and deepening her knowledge in astrology, as well as reading astral charts from people all over the world in English and Spanish. At the age of 26, Mercedes founded The Astral Method, to start teaching the knowledge of the stars as an everyday tool, linking it to meditation and consciousness awakening. Since then, Mercedes has been teaching workshops and conferences online, to reach the most people with her messages and wisdom about consciousness awakening on Earth and her major tool: Astrology.


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