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Aprende astrología helenística tropical en la tierra donde nació, bajo la energía de los más importantes templos griegos, construidos para honrar a los planetas, o Dioses en el cielo., astrología, Hellenistic Astrology

Hellenistic Tropical Astrology Greece 2023

Learn Hellenistic Tropical astrology in the land where it was born, under the energy of the most important Greek temples, built to honor the planets, or Gods in the sky.
In these days, we will dive deep into the story of Astrology, as well as in the story behind your astral chart and how to navigate your own life map, according to the Greek myths and how they used their religion to honor our own gods within. We will align each celestial body in your chart with the corresponding Greek myth for you to understand the story of your life and afterlife. +INFO coming soon

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Mercedes Arnús


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May 2023


+INFO coming


Mt. Olympus, Greece

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Madrid Spain 2023

Join us at Madrid Masterclass Astrology Meditation

This event will consist of a New Moon in Aquarius ceremony, along with an astrological talk with transits for each sign. We will also carry out an opening meditation on everything new that is entering our lives, since that New Moon is the one that officially inaugurates all the novelty that 2023 brings us.