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Annual meditation and consciousness retreat.

Join us at Mt.Shasta for our annual meditation and consciousness retreat, as we go through the entry portal into Eclipse Season. Mount Shasta is a volcano in northern California, and also known as a power vortex, that holds a unique healing frequency. Together with the energy work we will go through, our stay at Mount Shasta will bring an acceleration of events, as well as big shifts and uplifts in your consciousness. We will prepare our system to open up into a very transformative time, to take the most advantage of the changes we will be attracting, since we’ll be stepping into eclipse season, one of the most intense times of the year. The event will consist in teachings, meditations and activations on the mountain. The other two days we will be working with astrology, studying each eclipse deeply and understanding how it affects your life, through your cosmic map. Mercedes will be also guiding meditations, exercises and spiritual practices daily, designed for the astrology of the moment, teaching you how to navigate the energy with the most awareness according to your cosmic DNA. Please know that this experience might accelerate certain events and situations in your life and we kindly ask you that you come ready to be transformed and step into an unknown version of yourself. Many shadows might be coming out into the surface at this time and your consciousness might shift rapidly, manifesting big changes and new situations in your life. 

We ask that you come with your mind and heart ready to be open for change.

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